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Well, it has been an exciting couple weeks of hockey. As we had done time and time again, we joined Krishen and Darren at the Rose Center for another great game. Squeaking by the Czechs on Saturday, it was time to meet the Finns who fought from behind to over take the US.
The stage was set with pizza in the oven and beer in the fridge … and within the first minute the ‘big’ line of Lemieux, Sakic, and Iginla clicked with a nice play to put the Canucks up by one. But typical of the Finns, they came back with an answering goal before the period was out. This was repeated again in the second period leaving it to Shane Doan to place the go-ahead goal past Kiprusoff 32 seconds into the 3rd. The Finns keeps coming … but this time they were held off the score board by a aggressive Canadian fore-check.
With that Team Canada skated to a 6-0-0 record having never trailed during the tournament. It was nice to see as this young team will be around for some time … now only if both the owners and unions could swallow their pride we could get on with a great hockey season.

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