Sand between the toes

Time for a nice stroll down by the beach
Wow … is the weekend over already. Sometimes you just seem to be getting into the groove of relaxation and that thing they call ‘work’ hauls you back in.

We did get to enjoy a Saturday afternoon walk up at Bradenton Beach before heading back into town to catch the big game. And it was a thriller … though the Canadians were not in top form you have to give the Czechs credit for keeping their heads in the game and driving pucks on the net (the Canadians were out shot 40 to 24). A goal 6 seconds after the Draper put Canada up 3-2 tied the game at 3’s and pushed things into OT. But that is where things got me upset … now that 3 periods were finished the game was over – according to ESPN anyways. They bounced off to College football … and did not even cut back to give the OT winning goal. Poor poor show … you are NOT going to win hockey fans that way. I understand the money involved … but to breakaway and then act as if there wasn’t a game on prior to the football game (that was not over) is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. They even left us in a state of not knowing if they were coming back for the OT period … geeez. We had “watch” the final minutes via hitting refresh on the website since there was no radio broadcast (even online – Man … they are going to have to solve those licensing issues sooner or later). But the good news was … we won. And now we take on the Finns … lets just hope we bring our game to the rink.

And just cause everyone is wondering. Hurricane Ivan has started to drift west. This is good news for us … all of us. Seems that the colder waters in the norther gulf are expected to degrade the storm quite a bit before it makes landfall on the states. And for us … we are just on the edge of the projected path cone so things are looking up for the time being. It has been an interesting year, lets hope this is the final attack on Florida this season.
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One thought on “Sand between the toes

  1. nice shots sir! i like the one of Amy and Melissa… two moms 🙂 the way the water is coming across the photo on a diagonal is also very pleasing. good stuff!