I would first like to say hello to Eric. An old friend – oldest really stretching back to what … early September 1979? Anyways, lost contact during the move to Florida and just got a note from him recently. It is always nice to keep in contact with lost folks … which reminds me … gotta get an email out to Tash – and Fawn if anyone knows her contact info.
Otherwise, I am happy to report another win by our home team, Canada, at the World Cup. This was the first elimination game (downing Slovakia 5-0) after going 3-0-0 during the round-robin. Now they meet the Czechs on Saturday … that should be a good game to watch 🙂

Just a slight recap for those at home … with Ivan following in Charley’s footsteps … I bring pictures of our latest run-in with Frances … see … nothing to be concerned about.

Plams blowing gently in the wind as the storm moves in

We did not see much flooding – but apparently Jeff had a challenge getting out of his complex

Branches fell – though if they came down they needed to (prior to the next storm to come through)

Twigs scattered on the ground

3 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. Yes it did … but then again, that was not hard. Interesting to see that Ivan is taking almost the exact same path though, just a little more to the south – looking to come up through the everglades (at the moment).