A walk in the park

The edge of the storm has finally arrived … only been 36 hours or so. Last week we were told that Frances would arrive around 2AM Saturday morning … then it got pushed, and pushed, and pushed again. And due to the slow moving nature of this storm we are hearing about flooding and loss of power across the state. Guess we are still in one of the ‘lucky’ areas.
While Frances enjoys her saunter across Florida … we enjoyed a nice walk on the golf course. The windy weather has reminded us of a windy crossing on the BC Ferries, might bring things into context for those back at home. While our senses were heightened when a couple branches broke and fell to the ground there was not much debris being tossed about … so we continued. The rain drops were piercing against the skin, but otherwise it was a nice stroll – good to be outside. Really, this is nothing we have not been through before – just the temperature is usually below 10 degrees Celsius – here I was wandering around in shorts and a tee-shirt.
The news keeps talking about the impeding wind and rain, we are just starting to see some of the stronger winds but still not much of the rain. Then again, we are still on the south-front of the storm, it will be the backside that will most likely bring the rain. Suppose we get to enjoy this for a few more hours yet!
Hmm … now that was a fun gust of wind (we have the siding doors open enjoying the breeze while I sit here typing this). Oh well, guess I am rambling a little … the cabin fever and boredom is setting in. Hope everyone back home is enjoying labour day weekend – I know the theme parks down here aren’t.
Sorry there are no photos … there isn’t much to take pictures of from the house, and I don’t really want to take the camera outside until the rain stops.
[Oh, I should note that Canada beat Russia last night. ESPN was busy with football, so we enjoyed it by hitting the refresh button on our web browser]

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