Hurricane Frances is still churning out in the Atlantic … 2.5 million people have left the eastern coast heading for safety – the largest evacuation in Florida’s history. This slow moving storm, currently moving north-west at 9 mph, has suffered from some of its own power. SNN was reporting that the heavy winds and slow speed of Frances was stirring up the ocean – this ends up exchanging the warm waters that feeds the fans with cool waters for the ocean floor. Thus, the winds have dropped in strength … the eye has collapsed, and wind shear has started trimming the storm. The thought, at the moment, is that the storm will have a hard time getting re-organized … which is good news for residents of Florida
The news gets even better as the Fri. 11:30AM projected path moved us almost completely out of the hurricanes trek. Now, this is still a big storm of category 3 strength … and as we have seen in the past they can do strange things at the last minute. We are still looking to see at least tropical strength winds sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning … so we will have to continue this waiting period.
Now … the bad news … Ivan is brewing out in the Atlantic and expected to be hurricane strength by Wednesday.
Just hope I can still see the upcoming Canada vs Russia game Saturday night.

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