Here we go again …

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What was it … 2-3 weeks ago that we found ourselves bunkered in and now we find ourselves suffering from a very similar “impending doom”. True, this one is ALREADY a category 4 … and it looks to be about the same size of the entire state.
So … what are we doing … well, once again the office is ‘closing’ to allow for everyone to take the required precautions. We will head out tonight or tomorrow and grab some more food and tape … then we will watch the forecast, play crib, share foot massages, and generally enjoy the day (true … I do have to take the laptop home and do work … but hey … I am at home). Too bad for Krishen who is trying to get out of town this weekend before the storm hits.
Now … fear? … I am a little more relaxed about this one. First, this is coming in off the East (other) coast so I am expecting a turn north before the heavy winds get to the West coast of Florida. Second, if it does cross it likely will be loosing strength and be down to a cat 2 or less by the time it reaches Sarasota. But … that is no reason to be not concerned, I am just not feeling the bulls-eye pressure of last time. We just have to remember that the areas pegged for damage got “nothing” while those on the outskirts got more than a ‘glancing blow’.
WOW … all this excitement as my wife “comes of age”. Happy 25th Melissa! Guess this now means its time to grow up (Pissst! Don’t take your example from me). So … dinner and dessert tonight (if she is feeling cool – preggers and all), last night I took her out to see the Canada 5 – Slovakia 1 game … what more could a girl want?

One thought on “Here we go again …

  1. I highly agree that a girl could want no more than a nice night of hockey. The only thing more entertaining than watching last night’s game was watching Canada win the two nights before. Saturday night, even if my roof is gone, I’ll probably put an umbrella over the TV and watch their third game. What if I don’t have power you say? Then I’ll go online and, um, uh, oh yeah, charge the battery on my laptop and dial up, hmmm. Well, we’ll see (or not).