Puck drop

Featuring ‘Antique Gold’, Team Canada is sporting the jersey of the 1920 gold metal team. Like em?

As in times past, last night Melissa and I made our way through the slush and sludge to everyone’s favorite sports complex “Rose Center” (aka. Darren’s house). Up on the big screen was Canada vs USA in this the 2004 World Cup … and what a game. As Krishen mentions, at first Canada looked like it was going to run away with the game. However, Sakic’s goal to put Canada up by 2 seemed to be a wake up call to the US squad. They started getting a little rough, running Brodeur … little more stick work … and a nasty little hit from behind late in the 2nd. Not all infractions were called and it inevitably push Canada off its game. To the point where Mario even stepped in after the goalie abuse was pushed a step too far.
Canada picked it up a little more in the 3rd and was able to hold off numerous chances for the US to tie. By the closing 5 minutes the US was back to being frustrated as Canada was again pressuring. Robert Esche played on heck of a game, with the the number of chances the Canada had throughout the game it was a wonder it was not a complete blow-out.
Tonight … Canada vs Slovakia … though they will be playing without Canucks star Ed Jovanovski who is out due to a “lower body” injury.

One thought on “Puck drop

  1. According to TSN the results of the MRI on his “lower body” are pending, but he has a fractured rib that will definitely keep him out the rest of the tournament anyway.
    Now I need to go clean up the Rose Centre/Dome/Pavillion in anticipation of the raucous crowd…