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Presenting the 3rd generation iMac
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Hitting the shelves this September will be the new iMac from Apple. Sporting the G5 processor in both 1.6 GHz and 1.8 GHz configurations and a choice between 17″ and 20″ monitors. This is in many ways a step forward for the iMac … coming for the coloured days oh so long ago.

The guts are easily accessible … click for a larger view (Pulled from internet message boards)
The initial response seems almost typical these days … while in some ways it is has advantages people don’t like it due to X, Y, and Z … and “they won’t get one”. Well, then who will? My guess is that this will sell decently. It is sleek yet simple and goes further down the path of cleaning up your desk space. It provides everything base consumers want … light and moveable, simple, and able to run todays required software (read iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD … not to mention the games). Configurability allows for up to 2 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard drive, wireless networking, and bluetooth. More than enough for the average Joe … and with the base model starting at $1299 it is affordable.
Personally, I find the shell a bit too “boxy” and “unimaginative”. I agree with the fact that the ‘missing’ swivel motion from the previous design is a loss to the new one. Though I understand it … simply the base is now small and holds no weight – thus it would not function well as the base to a swivel (swivel mechanism would either not hold or the friction would cause the base to move anyways).
This is just the next step though … we are only a couple months (if that) from a 3rd party wall mount for the machine – one that would be simple and stylish enough for the home. A 1.5″ spacing would be all that is required for the cords giving the machine a “hovering” feeling off the wall. Since this is the whole computer – it would be nice.
But what about the ‘head-less’ … ahh, that would be nice. A much cheaper version of the iMac since much of the cost is locked into the screen. A Cube like device. As a potential buyer I am choosing between a tower and a laptop … laptop giving me the all-in-one along with mobility (for a decent price) while the desktop gives me the upgrade freedom. A ‘head-less’ iMac would cut into the powermac market and the powerbook market … I would consider it since I could get it for FAR cheaper and be able to keep my current monitor. I believe it would bring the device to many people as they could leverage existing components. Hence, I am still predicting a Cube comeback as I think it fits. The iBook and powerbook are becoming more powerful and I believe starting to cut into the iMac market … and all-in-ones to me screams portability. A smaller, simpler ‘tower’ could be brought to the consumer … and again, bring the cost down to more of the general public.
This is a step first though … the next major rev of the iMac would like end up with a converged iBook/iMac (which would lead into the ‘head-less’ iMac). In person the iMac might provide a whole lot more showmanship. I like the footprint and the ‘hang-ability’. Though I think they have taken previous designs from Dell, HP, Gateway, NEC, etc … I think they have topped them with a design that does not look like it just thrown together. Only the sales figures will prove the success of this new revision … my estimates are decent for the next year … but by the time 2 years comes around look for the convergence.

4 thoughts on “New iMac

  1. I think the complaints about the lack of a swivel mount are premature. If it is anything like other monitors I’ve seen with this design, the base is probably shaped to allow easy rotation of the whole screen with just a push of the hands. Easy to move, yet stays where you put it.
    Guess we’ll find out when they make it out onto store shelves.

  2. Are you in sales now? You’ve got twice the dissertation on the imac that you do on most things, including babies and friends. Sounds like you like this new comp so much that the baby might have to use to learn it really early b/c you won’t have any toys for him/her. Perhaps a piggy bank would be the best gift at this point, start saving those pennies and/or save money and let it work for you in the meantime.
    Okay, only 6 hours until face off…

  3. John: I agree … the base probably moves on the desk just fine – just hoping it does not scratch it. Besides the plastic feeling, I like the Dell monitors’ movement. Funny note, I think the 17″ iMac is not that much bigger than this 18″ display (just display).
    Darren: The baby has broken the bank not 2 weeks in – so no new machine for me 🙁 I am already tripping on baby items getting out of bed in the morning … and we are still 7-8 months from birth! 🙂