open wallet

Late last week we snagged this 36″x48″ painting by M.Scott to fill our living room wall. (We tried to add out own touches to the original black and white oil through our trusted camera)

This past weekend we said farewell to our friend Greg. He came, he played, he took off to teach sailing to a bunch of crazy teenagers, and now he heads back to school. He plans to finish up the comp. sci. degree this year, and while we want him to come back to Sarasota upon completion we wish him luck in anything he does. “Can’t wait to come and visit Greg … see you soon”.
Otherwise, the weekend was fully of coming to grips with our bundle of joy. You go out shopping and it seems almost silly to start picking up anything. Just too early along another 7-8 months is a LONG time to wait. On the flip side, however, we were browsing Baby Depot and I came to realize that the several thousand dollar ‘baby-basics’ would likely be easier on us if it was purchased over time – rather than all at once …. ouch! The funny thing is … I don’t even know what is going to be needed. Starting to look now does allow us to wait for what we want … and good deals. This week we picked up a 2-in-1 bassinet, giving us the play-pen and the bassinet all for $30. There is just so much to get … but what fun it is going to be to get it all (we spent about 5 hours Sunday browsing Baby Depot and Target …. its a new hobby).

Our bassinet and stroller – getting our selves ready

7 thoughts on “open wallet

  1. Ah yes, the hunt for baby stuff. I remember it fondly. Of course, we put it off till later in the pregnancy. That way there’s plenty of time for friends and family to pick up some of the big stuff. Somewhere, I have a list of the things that babies need during their first months. I’ll see if I can dig it out for you.

  2. Thanks, I will keep that one bookmarked. Honestly, I think our cheque book will keep us in “check” 🙂 I just can’t see getting too many toys, etc until much later on … and there are not too many “big” things we are looking at. What we really need to do next, probably by the end of September, is get a registry going … now, what cross-border registries are available?
    Maybe I will just have to make a version … oh the techie joys of having kids 🙂

  3. i was searching for m scott art and found your painting. do you know anything about the artist?