Whir wind tour of Charley

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We all bunkered down a prepared for the worst just over a week ago … but Charley headed east at the last minute, a move that baffles scientists. We came out of it unscathed, but not everyone was so lucky … they are estimating the damage in the wake of the hurricane to be $15 billion.
Many of those working here at METI live along the “I-75 corridor” which left many of them with targets placed on their homes. So METI formed a chain gang for one of the families struggling – they are expected to be without power for yet another couple weeks … but they have running water thank goodness. The winds reached approx. 225 km/h (140 mph) which required doors to be supported with 2×4’s as the winds were blowing them wide open. The trees, sheds, and roofing tiles became the play things of Charley … and he definitely did not clean up as he left. The roads were lined with piles of trees, branches and other debris … the city hauling it away. I figure they should just ship the firewood north – might help pay some of the bills??
The work went quick with only a couple ‘incidents’ … Melissa found a fire-ant nest which she explained so that I did not have to “enjoy” the experience myself. After a shower and a chance to steal the shirt off my back she was right back helping out. The day really went by fast with all the help … and once more there seems to be a yard free of fallen trees and dangling branches.
We cataloged the day for all you back home – that way you don’t have to experience it.

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