Low-pressure system moving in

Update 2:35pm, Aug 13th
Krishen has arrived … winds have started though they are still at a light breeze. We have had spotted light showers but nothing major yet. This storm is moving soooo slow … quite annoying actually … well … there go the trees they are starting to bend so maybe it is starting. After the winds really start I will post some pictures. Funny the longer we wait … the more we want to ‘protect’ ourselves. Basically … we are in a holding pattern … …
… gah, looks like it is heading east a little early. Expecting landfall within an hour down around Naples. So while it might jog … we might miss the eye to the south. That should reduce the storm surge … but an early landfall means a stronger storm. We will have to see.
Update 12:18pm, Aug 13th
I am shutting off the computer. The first stage of the storm should be hitting in about 2 hours … into the last prep stages. You can feel the tension of anticipation.
Update 10:48am, Aug 13:
Krishen is posting storm tracker images on a on-going basis.

Last minute shopping … can’t forget the brownies (at least there was a few boxes left on the shelves)
Well, must say Melissa and I have been trying to prepare. We have taped the windows (‘X’ marks the spot), bagged the car, moved all the stuff off the deck and away from the windows … and if the winds get going – plan to move the computer/electronics into the tub … couple of other preparations:

(1) Fill the tub … non-drinking water for the toilet & washing
(2) Keep a cooler ready incase the power goes out (bagging extra ice)
(3) Making several extra meals (corned beef hash … yummmy!)
(4) Calling family to ease their worries — this is new for them too!
(5) Bottled drinking water (just used Brita instead of buying)
(6) Pack the irreplaceables away from wind and water
(8) Important documents go into the dishwasher
(9) Wash all the dishes
(10) Consolidate the emergency supplies
(11) Prepare for a flood of refugees (read friends coming over for a party)
… and last but not least: Sit back and enjoy a Mocha … ahh!

Latest update is that Charley is expected to be a Category 3 Hurricane by the time it reaches shore. That means sustained winds of +178 km/h (111 mph) … we are expected 80-128 km/h (50-80 mph) where we are. Over 300,000 people have been evacuated from the Tampa area while all the barrier islands up the sunshine coast have also been sent packing by mid-night tonight. All bridges are going to be closed … and they say that once the rain starts to fall – just stay home.
As the storm comes up the coast the counter-clockwise winds will first suck the water away from the coast … but as it moves up past us we are to expect storm surges of +10 ft. as the wind pelts the water back onto the shore. We are inland … and on the 3rd floor … so we should not have to worry about that too much.
The last projected path has it heading through St. Pete, just outside of Tampa which is less than about 50 miles from here. That is if the pressure front moving down from the north-west does not push it into land sooner — the earlier the stronger the storm is likely to be. Right now it is passing Cuba, once by there it is expected to pick up more strength feeding off the warm waters of the gulf stream … but as it heads further north (past Tampa) ‘shear‘ winds (thank Krishen for the link) will start to take the storm apart. We are into a “Hurricane Warning” which means we should expect hurricane winds within the next 24 hours … 2pm Friday was the last estimate I have seen.
So … until then … we wait, and enjoy a couple movies while we do so. Until the next update … ttfn!

They may be boarded up … but they are not out of coffee

Out for her last trip … we have put on a car cover and strapped it down. Wanted to pad it with cardboard – but there was none in the recycle bins

Prepared the house … this is a first for us … the excitment

8:41pm … less than 24 hours until the storm is to hit … think they are bluffing?

4 thoughts on “Low-pressure system moving in

  1. So Cameron, are we to assume that there is no step 7? Also, I hope you washed the dishes before you put the important documents in it. 🙂
    Keep the updates coming. It’ll make the work day much more interesting tomorrow.

  2. Those are some stunning shots — especially the one inside the store. You’ve got some good ideas there, too — impt documents in the dishwasher, extra water in the bathtub. Think I’m going to head out for an hour to see what’s still open. Could use some more munchies (and tape for the windows).