Bonnie and Clyd- … I mean Charley
So … we are inside the project path (see CNN or for more info) and preparations are being made. We have canned food in the closet (well, we always do), we have bottled water in the fridge, and we will pull everything off the deck this evening. At work, plastic bags are being fetched for all the desks and papers are to be pulled off the desks. Now … this is all orderly – no panics. Just talk of maybe time off tomorrow.
This is quite interesting for me, not like the earthquake prep back home where you get things ready for a ‘just in case’ scenario … here we have warning. Now, the winds could shift … fad out … or pick up and head on through – and we are waiting …
… at least we got to use the deck yesterday evening. Bottle of wine, Diana Krall, candles, and a deck of cards … and with storm coming in the air was nice and cool. We needed to test that the candles worked … just in case 🙂

Update 13:36:
Heading out of here (work) shortly … just finishing up the data backups and covering up the system incase of DOOM! … not really worried due to the fact I am at of the center of a mid-century building … but … always plan for the worst and enjoy the show. I hope to provide updates as long as there is power … so stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Bonnie and Clyd- … I mean Charley

  1. So, you’re gonna stick it out. Yahoo is reporting on people evacuating. You Canucks will do anything!
    Good luck and hopefully the power will hang in for awhile.

  2. John: for folks in mobile homes, barrier islands and low-lying areas, a mandatory evacuation notice has been given, and these folks have until midnight to get the heck out of dodge (and expect to remain out of dodge for two days). Here’s the official county-issued statement (you’ll need to open that link in a new window — cam’s MT settings are stripping my target=”_blank” tag)

  3. Krishen,
    I read that in the Yahoo! article. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes. Good luck and God speed to all of you!