This past weekend Melissa managed to put the final touches on our deck. It is now completely screened-in, carpeted-in, and moved-in. The ‘remove-able’ panels did not come to pass since the complex has informed us they plan to install screens on all apartments sometime this year … we decided to just get it done as simple as possible.

It is nice having the deck all organized and livable. It adds a new room to the apartment – rather than just an outside storage area. And it was all done for a decent price … thanks to Home Depot. The trim was fairly cheap, but the deal came on the carpet … the indoor/outdoor carpet was snagged for 50% since it was ‘extra’ that they couldn’t get rid of. Hee Hee … worked out well for us 🙂
Now, only the bedroom and master (Cameron’s) bathroom is left to “fill-in”. We are looking to possibly paint the bathroom … and ‘maybe’ the bedroom. Still discussing it – since it really depends on if we are going to move next summer.

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