Word is … the bank thinks were doing just fine and would be happy to pass us a few dollars – on the condition we pay them back of course 🙂 This is good news since (1) we had no idea how our credit was … and (2) we now have a ‘price’ goal for house hunting.
WHAT? … you ask … HOUSE HUNTING?
Yes, we have reached that age in life where thinking about a house has come … and past. Previously we discounted owning due to the higher monthly costs and the fact that we were largely in debt. But … we tightened up the spending and managed to get things under control … to the point where “investing” is more of an option.
Renting has its advantages … but we have started doing a few home improvements lately. And then we are also looking at purchasing more furniture — so, since we are looking at being down here another 5 years or so we thought maybe a house would be a good idea.
We are still just looking into it … lots more research has to be done (pointers welcome). Our current plan lies in the range of 15-24 months from now. First, while we don’t NEED a down-payment … we would like one (hoping around 5-10%). Not to mention all the extras that will come … lawnmower, fridge, oven, etc.
But for now … we get to have a little fun and find out what kinda of pads we can afford. What would you look for in your first house?

4 thoughts on “Approved

  1. A word of advice from Karin: Take your time. We kinda rushed into our first place, so we didn’t get everything we could have. The next time we go looking for a house, it will be a much slower, more methodical hunt.

  2. First house, hmmm, I would make sure the counters can hold a lot of empty bottles of beer. Actually, never mind, you can rely on my place for that (I’ll clean up tomorrow).

  3. I think it depends a lot on what I’d be using the house for as to what I’d be looking for. For example, if I were getting it as a “starter home” — something with say, two bedrooms, the location isn’t as important. I figure kids are pretty mobile before 5 years so I’d look for something cheap. I’m not sure what the situation is with green cards and the possibility of Melissa being able to work, but it seems like it would be a good opportunity to turn a profit and get a better place if she had the time to do improvements on a place. If I were looking for something longer term, location would definitely be the most important thing. Some place where my kids would be able to walk or bike safely to shops and a park or beach. When it comes down to it I think any place can become “home” so it’s just a matter of finding something that won’t break the bank but also won’t feel cramped in a few years. Good luck!