Grand Opening

Local neighbourhood wallet hole
So … the expansion continues. We I arrived in town just over a year ago there were 2 Starbucks Coffee joints around town. Then one opened up in Bradenton … one opened down south … then one just 10 minutes to the north … and now … now they have arrived 1/2 between our place and work (and work is only 4km away) … so really … right around the corner. At $4 for a coffee … this could be bad 🙂

But a treat at Starbucks was not a problem after Melissa put is such a hard days work in house renovations. After seeing Krishen’s new place Melissa quickly put into action. We have had a plan of enclosing our deck with a screen for several months now … but seeing one actually ‘implemented’ was a different story. So … out came the tools and Home Depot once again became our friend.
In the end it looks great. She is almost completely done the upper half, just needs to get a ladder from the complex to reach the top window (about 8ft up) … I, however, have taken on the responsibility of lower half. My job … make removable panels so that we can still keep the deck swept. The design is complete and the deadline is set … we should be enjoying tea on our deck Monday night.

7 thoughts on “Grand Opening

  1. Wow, at 4$ a pop for a mere coffee, it is truly what could be considered a wallet hole. A really big wallet hole, sort of like what they were throwing people into on Tatooine in Star Wars 😉 No coffee there tho!
    I’m surprised, the ‘bucks here is a bit cheaper!

  2. Screened porch looks nice. Now you can enjoy the warm evenings without getting bitten to death by the bugs.

  3. Ahh the zarlac where it digests things over a thousand years…coffee I believe makes a much quicker exit. Mocha…with Cam definently a mocha.

  4. Hey … I have been experimenting recently, especially during the hot days of summer. However, in the evenings there is nothing better the a hot mocha under the moonlight — well, other than a hot mocha as the sun rises … or a hot mocha … dah! Never mind … it was a mocha already !!!!!