Movie Week

‘Tis the season to watch movies. The summer blockbusters have been released and for the first time in our lives we have headed to the theater to check things out. Could be that we have a little extra money to play with … but more likely it is that we have found deals around town. (Matinees: $5, Cheap Seats: $1-$1.75, Regular: $7.50 … cheap seats are about 1-2 months behind on average)
Last Sunday we headed to Bradenton to see The Bourne Supremacy at the Carmike Royal Palm 20. That was a blast … joined Amy, Erik, Ron, and Krishen. The movie was great, one of the best sequels I have seen … if you liked the The Bourne Identity this one is a must.

Ron, Krishen and I found a air hockey table at the theater … I got a much needed “fix
Wednesday we found ourselves spending our “date night” catching the flick I, Robot. Never read the books and I understand they did not hold true to the original story … however, this was another wonderful movie. The special effects were very well done – and at times went completely unnoticed … which I believe should be the goal for CGI.
This afternoon we found ourselves back at the matinee showing of The Village. This was enjoyable, not the best in his series but I enjoyed it … and worth the $5.
This was all in addition to seeing Spider-Man 2 a couple weeks ago … another great sequel, total setup for the next chapter. We also found Ben-Hur, The Borne Identity, and Enemy at the Gates and DVD over the last couple weeks. Guess that all makes up for the The Day after Tomorrow experience … glad that was a cheap seats showing.
We also caught Election last night after the pool party. (which was, btw, a completely enjoyable time … much needed after these long-hour weeks). We definitely need to add more comedies to our collection, thanks for bringing this one over Krishen.

After the movie you just gotta grab a bite to eat!

One thought on “Movie Week

  1. Election!! My goodness, that thing was in the attic for-EVER before Krishen moved out 😉
    The last time I saw that movie, I think I was in Grade 8…and I’ve since graduated. I still have the scene where the guy throws the slurpee at the back of the limo plastered in my brain 😉