Sunday morning

So ends (or begins) another week. This last week was work filled – though ending not as bad as I was expecting. Heavy hours in the first few days … but it tapered off to just minor extensions on Wed-Fri. [Though some of that was due to the fact those are Date-night, Ultimate, FRIDAY respectively]
Even with the extended work hours, or maybe due to it, Melissa and I have been spending most of our free time relaxing together. Which is nice and made date night a very relaxed and enjoyable night off.
Ultimate is something else these days. I injured my left knee a while back, it seems to be minor but does make it hard to play. So … I take it easy which is quite difficult considering my competitive nature. Hopefully more rest and some trips to the pool and gym will get me back up and running.
Friday, Friday, Friday … what can I say other than joining Krishen in saying thanks Ron. Kai, Ron, Krishen, Melissa, and myself were to join others for some drinks following work … don’t know if we were late but we seemed to miss the party – and thus made our own. Good beer, good food and good company … who could ask for more?

Patches enjoys her sunny bed
With all the work of late I have not been snapping pictures, or posting for that matter. But we have been doing a little re-arranging and ‘settling’. Pictures are finally making their way onto the walls and we added a couple shelves to help clean up the books and movies. Figured I would share a little of our home-sweet-home on this fine Sunday morning.

Living room


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