Home away from home

My work cubicle
Here I sit. Punching out code. Combining skills of an Architect, Engineer, Construction worker, Detective, and computer nut-ball. The last couple weeks have been crazy … and I have to thank Melissa for allowing my the opportunity to spend the long hours at work. I generally enjoy working long hours, at least for stints. Otherwise I feel I am not pulling my weight … not giving all that I can; guess that is my workaholic side coming out.
I have two major task on my hands right now. Recently I have been trying to implement some new features in some legacy code. Unfortunately, no one available really understands the actual implementation … only high level concepts. So I am left fiddling in dark places where pulling a single board could pull down the house (good thing is I can step back in time and try something different). I have seem to gain a speciality in tackling old, undocumented, projects. While it is very annoying and frustrating, it is also quite thrilling if you figure out how it is actually working – the task then becomes modifying it without breaking previous functionality. Fun fun fun!
But I do get home (honest!) … Last night Melissa and I hit Subway for dinner only to run into a coworker in the parking lot. As he is new to the company, we talked about Sarasota and what there is to do. Then got into some ‘shop-talk’, though it ended up more of a teaching session on physiology. I am still learning so much about how the body works, names, terms, etc. I try and soak up as much as I can – wherever I can.
Anyways … think it is time to start the day – where’s that coffee??

3 thoughts on “Home away from home

  1. You try to soak up as much as you can, whenever you can? You’re talking about the human body? Should I take offense to that, since I don’t think you’ve ever asked me a question?

  2. Hey cam, how are you? you should e-mail me so we can have more communication then just though ur blog, or have Melissa e-mail me.
    well talk to you later tell Melissa i say hi