Don’t you just hate alarms? Especially when they wake you up too early (even if you set them). This morning mine went off (which I can’t fault it for) … however, it would not “stop”. Some button put it on the radio and would not shut off … very annoying. Not so much for me since I was getting up … but other people sleeping don’t find it so nice. So … now the alarm resides unplugged and feeling lucky it is still in one piece.
Now, you may be asking, why 4:30 … what is going on? Well, as you may know, we are looking at getting a new release out … actually several … in the next month and a bit. So we all have been putting in a little OT. The problem lies not in getting it done … but getting it done right. I am trying to avoid the compromise of poor user experience for more functionality – even still some choices have to be made. So the hours are starting to stretch to avoid making some of those choices and the only question left … how long can one keep this up?

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