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The other day Jeff proposed an idea, and Krishen challenged … create a personal “essence of you” CD. Restrictions were only that it had to be a single audio CD. So, I pondered what I could do … such things are not easy. But I think I have come up with something that fits.
First, what does the “essence of me” mean? Is it a bunch of songs that describe my personality lyrically, is it a set of music that I represents my interests and musical tastes, or is it a group of tunes that people would say “Cam music”. I choose to take a little bit from each. For one, I have a hard time describing my personality so finding songs that do was proving to be a challenge (at least in the music that I own). So … here is what I got.

Beginnings – 6:27
This is just a great way to start a CD. At the moment life is going pretty good, I have a good job, strong friendships, good relationship, and stepping into an improved financial position … and it is only the start of where I want to be.
Sing, Sing, Sing (With a swing) – 5:05
Louis Prima (Swing Kids soundtrack)
This is just a song I love and represents the Big Band part of me. Takes me back to my musical days in the Jazz band … and the many nights I went swing dancing. [Ever hear the Chicago version? … one of my favorites]
Saturday in the Park – 3:55
Another Chicago tune never hurt anyone. More cheese – I love it. Speaks to my love of just hangin’ with friends having a good time.
Stereo – 4:04
The Watchmen
This … this is my life. I often find myself trying to define how I am possibly different from everyone else – and fear the day of becoming outdated.
If I Had $1,000,000 – 4:27
Barenaked Ladies
Is this not a favorite of everyone … the whole Kraft Dinner segment is so me.
King of Spain – 3:01
Moxy Fruvous
This speaks to both my sense of humor and a little to my personality. I hold my past in reverence, but as I got older I realized life was not as easy – yet … I still have my selfish desires.
Hockey Song – 3:54
The Tragically Hip
This speaks to my Canadian roots, my hockey based childhood.
Sentimental Side – 4:10
Spirit of the West
I am a very sentimental person. I hold on to anything that represents a memory. While I realize life moves on and things change … I love to get caught in moments of a previous time.
4am – 4:17
Our Lady Peace
Sometimes I just need to step back and analyze my life. It helps me move to the next stage.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 4:17
Deep Blue Something
This is a University memory, use to listen to it almost every day on the drive home from school. It speaks to me endless desire to always work things out.
Smooth – 4:58
Santana / Rob Thomas
This is our wedding song … thus is a big part of me. Not to mention it is a great song to Cha-cha to!
Hundredth Meridian – 3:20
The Tragically Hip
I feel a lot of my work is overlooked and I don’t really push to make it known everything that I did … and quite often think: “One day you will figure out just how much I actually do”.
Over The Hills and Far Away – 4:46
Led Zeppelin
This brings me back to grade 11/12 – speaking to my ambitious nature it remains one of my favorite Zeppelin songs.
25 or 6 to 4 – 4:49
This is another high school memory. The mornings I spent driving around with Carl listening to Chicago and talking about girls. I love the horns.
Argue – 2:57
Matchbox Twenty
If you know me … you will know I like to Argue and often let my emotions to cloud things.
Make you mad – 4:06
I don’t like confrontation, especially in relationships – so I often find myself bending the truth a little.
Why – 2:57
Wide Mouth Mason
I often get caught up in things … always going to the “why not?” instead of just moving on.
Magic Carpet Ride – 4:27
Steppen Wolf
I am a dreamer. I also just love this song …
Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness – 2:52
Smashing Pumpkins
Ending on a peaceful and calm note. The soothing sounds. I love the relaxation.

Now I challenge you, produce your own CD and share the playlist.

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