Happy Canada Day!

With the elections over life can finally get back to normal. Ok … so life never really changed for me since the whole election was mostly ignored down here. But I am sure that everyone is going to miss the constants news, speeches, town hall meetings, and flyers in the mail box. So … make sure you take time out – go watch the parade, head down to the lake/ocean/nearest body of water and enjoy a cold drink at the shore.
It has been a good year for Canada. We were awarded the Olympics in 2010, we had a good year in hockey, and I think that as a country we grew through the controversy surrounding Iraq – started defining a little more of what Canada is.
We miss home … miss the nippy mornings … miss the rocky shores … miss the mountains. Hope everyone has a fun and safe 137 birthday party.

Full View – Refresh to update the image, Live shot from “The Hill Cam”

3 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Must be one of them there elusive hardware bugs. According to hardware engineers this type of bug does not exist…now we have proof. Bwah ha ha ha.

  2. The shot is taken from “The Hill Cam” and updated every few minutes – Making it semi-live 🙂
    As for the hardware bug … well … it will most likely be fixed via software using a ‘remove non-desired bugs from lens’ algorithm.

  3. It is in fact the “nipply” morning that I miss even more, so seldom does that occur down here 🙁