Three days for the price of one

Fahrenheit 9/11 was sold out last night … so we, being Krishen, Melissa and I, caught the 12:30 matinee today. Mr. Moore once again used the power of human emotion to convey his political agenda. It is interesting some of the conspiracy theories he presented – and I am sure some of them our true. Oil, like most precious resources, has been one of the driving forces for war over the ages. It was one of the major reasons Hitler wanted to push into Russia … and why the Japanese attacked the US. Oil is a commodity that our society depends on today – just listen to us (including me) complain about the rising gas prices. So, one would expect that a President with a oil tycoon past would be tied to a Oil/Energy plan. Moore used that to present an opinion that the Bush family and the Bil Laden family had a connection that was based in greed and deceit. International diplomacy is a tricky business … especially when the the country has billions invested. Those billions go to feed and house thousands of citizens here is the US – so cutting off that supply of money would be even worse to the economy. Saudi Arabia I don’t think played a direct part in the 9/11 attacks … and I would like to believe that they assisted in any way they could — keeping in mind that they are also running a country with citizens that they have to protect and defend.
Now, as for the heart felt story of the lady from Flint, Michigan. I felt sorry for the loss of her son as I do for all the families that loose loved ones – at anytime. However, the military is known to be a hostile and dangerous job – and those who take on that responsibility I have incredible respect as it is not a job that I could do myself. Again, that being said … I feel for those putting themselves in harms way for a cause that I believe is less than nobel. Iraq, I believe, was targeted before there was a case. Saddam was a dictator and like most dictators he ruled with a heavy hand … however, that does not give us the right to move in. Or, if we do then we have to draw the line and fight for those freedoms everywhere those conditions occur – not just in the land of oil. Their citizens are fighting because they are seeing a foreign power coming in destroying their homes … killing their children … and taking away what freedoms they did have. Yes, I said taking away … one day the people of Iraq, I hope, will know the power of freedom but for now they suffer. Just look to Russia to see how slow such change occurs.
Overall, the film was put together well. It educated, in a biased way, to other possible reasons for the decisions that were made. From the cheering of the crowd throughout and the applause as the credits rolled one could tell it was preaching to the choir. Personally, I don’t hate G.W. Bush … I believe him to be a nice guy and looking for the solution … I just don’t believe that he is the “right” guy with the “right” advisors to make the decisions for tomorrow. [Check out Krishen’s take and pictures of the event.]
This election is going to be an interesting one as it is with most elections. Just wish I was at home and could have followed more of the Canadian election (Monday, June 28th). Though I am torn there too … the Liberals have created (what I think) is a stale environment; not taking action and/or being slow on decisions. They are also scared with scandals … yet they have not increased the debt and found surpluses at the end of the last few years. As for the Alliance/PC coalition, they are a little right for my tastes – agree with some things – disagree with others. It seems that no matter where you live in this world … picking a leader is a choice between two evils. Only after they leave office and the state of the nation (during and after) is analyzed can you really tell just how good or bad their were. Sorry if I rambled … I am sure you will see more in the future (and if you know me I am sure you are expecting it)!

After a day of sleeping in and sorting pictures and CDs … we headed to Erik and Amy’s place. After a little snack at the local custard shop (yummy), we pulled out the game Taboo. What a riot! That is one that we will be picking up for our place (mark it on the wish list).

Nightclubs are few are far between in the little City of Sarasota. And its not really that it is a little city, it is just the citizens are ‘newly wed or nearly dead’ and they don’t seem to have the University crowd that Victoria had. However, this past Friday we joined the fun of opening a new club to the area. Khrome comes with a biker decord mixed with New York style. Opening for dinner before spinning a little house music from the DJ booth allows for an all-round enjoyable evening.
Now, if only Darren can keep from dropping bags of cocaine he wouldn’t be kicked out of the club. And upon hearing that the bouncers actually escorted him out due to this made those who know him chuckle … lucky for everyone involved he managed to convince them that – “nope … wrong guy!” Now, now Darren be good! 🙂

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