Moving on

Saying good-bye to my family house #3 (though this one I was only ever a visitor)
My parents have moved out of their Fernie home. Built only a few years ago, it was a nice homestead – great view, beautiful architecture, and a lovely layout. I unfortunately did not get to visit enough … and now it is being passed onto someone new. Change … always a rough time … is a fact of life. I look forward to visiting the next place my parents set their stake. I wish you all the best as you move on …
As for me, the last two weeks I have ignored Ultimate … choosing instead to spend the evening / afternoons with my wife. Honestly, the choice at the time was not very hard … quality time vs soaking myself in the torrential down pours that we have seen of late. However, last night I returned to the field only to find myself once more lacking energy and poorly out of shape. Throwing seemed to improve some over the last couple times – so the break was good in that regard, but I definitely was not getting the same working during my time off … even with walking. Was thinking that a regular trip to the pool for laps might help – but finding a good time slot is tough. Not being a morning person I barely make it for work … then the evenings are often spontaneously busy so I can’t count on getting to the pool prior to 11PM (closure time). How do you find the time to get a regular workout?

3 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Oh, right! I’m confusing Canada with Minnesota! Eternal snow == Minnesota. Eternal snow and igloos == Canada.