Up, up and away …

History was set today as a new ship has entered the space race. Funded privately, SpaceShipOne has broken the commercial barrier of space flight. While it still has not completed a qualifying flight in regard to the XPrize competition, it does mark the first time a privately funded flight entered space.
I wish Mike Melvill, and the entire SpaceShipOne team, all the best as they put forth the effort to complete the two required XPrize flights in the coming months. Top prize goes to the first team that flies 3 adults (or weight equivalent) to an altitude of 100km twice … within the span of two weeks using the same aircraft. Was that not the original goal of the Shuttle program … 2 week turn-around? (speaking of which … NASA is making progress in providing an in-flight repair kit)
Just think, this was only one of the twenty-five competitors all striving for completion of the XPrize – due by Jan 1, 2005. Oh, what excitement the coming months and years are to bring. Once again we sit of the edge and ignite the imaginations of the younger generation. They sit and watch as the hurdles are slowly coming down and the path of our future is being laid our before them.

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