3788 steps

Last Wednesday Melissa and I stopped at McDonalds prior to heading to the Swing Club. We figured that we would give their new “Go Active” Happy Meals a taste … which gave us a chance to snag a Stepometer™. I, of course, immediately started logging … Thursday I logged just over 2600 steps during the afternoon … and Friday I logged 3788 steps over the day. That, if I estimate my steps to be about a 1/2 meter, that is 1894 meters or almost 1.9km (~1.18 miles for those of you in the US).
The Stepometer™ works by using a pendulum that swings while you step. Unfortunately, it also swings as you sit down, put it on, take it off, bump into something, or in other words … give the belt clip a little jolt. Plus, if it is in a vertical position or just off your hip it does not correctly log your steps (from what I have seen). Therefore, this is by no means a scientific experiment … however, it does provide some insight into my living habits. And honestly, the belt clip did not go on as soon as I got up … plus I took it off well before actually crawling into bed. Thus, it likely averages out to give a good representation of the day.
So … on an average work day with no evening activities I walk just under 2km … well below my desire to walk at least 5km a day. According to PBS you should be walking 10,000 steps to match the Surgeon General’s recommended 30 minutes of exercise (matching my estimates). Now, all this isn’t taking into account that I likely will log differently from day to day and it does not count my Ultimate games or practices … swimming … or the daily workout I still have not started. Either way, I think I should continue walking, a logging, the extra mile.
How many steps did you take today?

8 thoughts on “3788 steps

  1. oh cool, you got one. i’m very curious to see how many steps i’m walking too, think i might go pick one up. i kinda figured we’d be under the required level.

  2. (~1.18 miles for those of you in the US).
    And where exactly do you think you are Cameron? This ain’t Canada, Toto.

  3. LMAO…Okay Cam time to calculate how many steps you need to do to work off those two brautwursts you ate last night. By the way don’t forget to add in the chips and salsa, cheese wheel thingie, choclates, and cookies…oh yeah and the margaritas. Tell me does this sound like a typical Canadian meal…or an assimilating American one? NOTE: The LaBatt Blue does NOT make the entire meal Canadian.

  4. Well … honestly, I beg to differ with you Jeff. The meal sounds quite Canadian … you have a little German, some Mexican, little Italian, and then you add the Labatts and you have a good Canadian BBQ!!! Be careful who’s being assimilated 😉
    Now, as for the health note … I am not sure how many steps it would take to “workout” that meal. One thing I don’t want to do is to restrict meals … I eat with a healthy attitude and try to exercise. I feel that is going to be the best choice to stay “in shape”. Anything in excess is “bad” … too much salad, too much fish, too much beef, or too much beer. So, I spread it around a little and mix in some exercise. Yes … I cut down on the pasta – but did not cut it out. I believe that to be the goal to healthy living.

  5. German + Mexican + Italian + everything else == American.
    Those crazy Canadian think they own everything. Everyone knows that Canada is run by the French. Just ask anyone in Quebec.