7 days on … 3 days off. But we come back to interesting news … and it is news that will effect our lives several years down the road – much as electricity effected things over a hundred years ago. At least that is my opinion.
Both CNN and Wired published the teleportation of an atom. This was done with Photons a few years back.
Processes involves some funky lab prep, but in the end what occurs is unexplainable … at least by me. By some means of something they call “entanglement” the atoms are linked, and then any change to one of the atoms produces the same change on the other atom … no matter what the distance. (ie. no physical connection needed) Screwy eh?
They say this technology can effect Quantum computing, but the next step (cause there is always a next step) is molecules. That could mean replicators and transortation devices in the future … we are really talking Star Trek here.
Give them a couple years … and they will move mountains.

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