Painting Day

Work started in the main hall with everyone getting in on the fun
So, after we initiated the work early this week, today we finished it. With Catherine already coming over to lend a hand, we received a call from Darren who also become interested upon hearing about the party. So with the four of us working we made short work of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. We managed to complete the taping and painting and put most everything back by the end of the day (there are a few places still needing to dry and some needing a second coat).
The colours turned out nicely, a light green back-dropping the off-white doors, baseboards, cupboards, and appliances. The cranberry wall stands out nicely adding a little extra spice to the kitchen and providing a little character to whole room. In the end the entire house feels a lot more “homey” … just the feeling we were looking for. Now for the bedroom and office …. hmmm …

Making good time we pushed into the kitchen

But eventually it all came to an end

Presenting our new living room

and dining room

Gives us a whole new feeling in the house

One thought on “Painting Day

  1. i saw it yesterday, looks great. 🙂 makes me want to paint my place too (perhaps the new place though — moving out of my current one at the end of july if all goes according to plan).