Stanley comes to town

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In another low shot game that held you to your seat, Tampa came out on top. It was a disappointment to us and to a lot of Calgary fans. They fought hard.
Andreychuk was finally able to swing the silver cup over his head. You have to give him a lot of respect, even in this moment of glory he did not want to leave his teammates behind, looking several times to pass it off. But the team allowed him the first skate. Tampa Bay has a great team here. They have both the skill and the heart … and they desire Stanley’s silver crown.
Even though Tampa outworked Calgary for most of Game 7, at times Calgary really pushed. Khabibulin kept the Flames off the board until mid way through the third … and then put the wall back up. The game ended on a sour note with a pour call in the final minute. A. Ference was giving a ‘charging’ penalty for a hit on St. Louis as he rounded the Calgary net. While it was a hard hit, it was taken square on the body. The commentators down here really bugged me as they kept going on about “how is was cut … so wasn’t the penalty obvious” (hello … this is a charge … not a high-stick). I would love to see a replay to see if I missed something, but the media and players are respectfully staying off the topic. Adding insult to injury, it was then followed with a ‘good will’ call against Andreychuk with 22 seconds left. It was a horrible way to end an exciting series.
However, great series. Fast paced, hard hitting, grinding and had some exceptional scoring … it was everything you wanted in a cup final. So, with that all said … congrats Tampa. I look forward to joining you on the streets to see the cup shared with the city.
Question of the day: Do I get season tickets for next year? Starting at $599 it is a hard deal to pass up.
(Next year it is Vancouver’s turn)

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  1. Go for one of the packages. You can get better seats for the same price and get enough games to satisfy the hockey beast.