Beach Picnic

After a long weekend of activity it is time to head back to work.
On friday we enjoyed the latest in the Harry Potter series. It was another well done movie by that team. As in the books, this latest adventure has a whole new ‘feel’ to it. The whole tone is much more grey than the previous two movies. Work has apparently begun on bringing book 4 to theaters, Nov 2005. At this rate she better get book 6 out soon, the hords are ready.
Saturday saw a disappointing loss in Calgary. They fought hard but came up a little short. And I say a little as it did go into 2 overtime periods (if not the last for 33 seconds). Melissa is starting to feel a little like the system is being rigged. And while I choose not to believe it, I do see where she is coming from. I like the players deciding games … I like hockey to be played with the grit and determination that is being shown. Only problem is that Calgary is racking up penalty minutes when the same things go unnoticed on the Lightning side. I believe that non-calls have cost about 3 lightning goals in the last couple games. Now, if your not going to call it – great. But keep it fair on both sides. Lets hope the underdogs come out on top
Last night, after Ultimate, Melissa and quickly packed up dinner and headed to Lido. It was a great way to end the weekend. We watched the sun go down as we finished leftovers from the “Indian Restaurant” (can never seem to remember the actual name). Then we laid there and watched the stars come out as the waves crashed against the beach. It was just too bad that when we got back to the car it was 11:45 … we still wanted ice cream!

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