Into the Lions den

While we could not find tickets to Game 5 we did not want to miss all the excitement. So 5 of us (Melissa, Krishen, Darren, Catherine, and I) headed upto Tampa to enjoy the game in the thick of the crowd. First note: There were not a lot of Calgary fans hanging around outside. We did end up meeting a couple guys on vacation, down from Toronto, who thought they would come out of the festivities. Most of the crowds was cool … little talk of smack … but all in good fun. There are always those few ‘bad apples’ that cause problems … and it wasn’t for Melissa stepping in we could have had an international incident. Seems one guy was unhappy about the Canadian flag and was looking to swipe it. Thing was, after the second period I put the flag away … going into the 3rd up by one I felt might be a little obnoxious. This guy was trying to dig into pockets to take it … -break those fingers-.
Anyways … we headed out after the 3rd and listened to OT in the car. It was getting late … and that seemed a good point to sneak out. Check out Krishen’s pictures of the night.

[Pictures courtesy of Krishen]

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