Sun, Sand, and Disc …

Memorial Day Weekend pictures
So, this past weekend Melissa and I joined Krishen and about 150+ other ultimate players for a weekend hat tournament in Savannah, GA. Except for the drive in a non-A/C vehicle is was a wonderful trip. The road was quite scenic and even had rolling hills in as we headed north of Orlando.
We stayed in Jacksonville the first night and upon seeing the city scape Krishen and I headed to snap a couple pictures. Over two hours later we strolled back in to a worried Melissa … apparently our extended 30-min trip caused some worry 🙂 Ooops.
Saturday was a sun filled day of chasing a flying disc around a gorgeous park. Forsyth Park is set in the old part of Savannah, marked with civil war monuments and surrounded by classic ‘southern’ and ‘victorian’ styled homes it really set the mind at ease. Melissa took off during the day to find check out some of the historical graveyards and tourist spots. She returned to find us hot, tired, and sore … but still playing. That evening she made many enemies with the Tampa folks we were staying with as we all sat to watch the hockey game … the 3-0 blowout by Calgary had basically left only us watching the game by the end of it.
Sunday we awoke to more sunshine and this time …. sand (or should I say shells and sand). We played hard, but still lost our first game in this the elimination round. Wow, did the game’s pace change between the field and the beach. Good news, we pushed the “purple” team to 13-11 win … and they won the “it all”, so that made me feel a little better.
We, however, amused ourselves with “walking-beer” Ultimate. Rules: “Can’t spill your drink”, “Must walk”, and “Must drink before throwing” … fun little game to pass the time. You should try it some time … in the end I was burnt but that did not really matter.
That night Melissa and I enjoyed some food at the “Crab Shack” (a must if you are in town), some music at the pub downstairs from our condo … and a nice long walk on the beach. Even got to touch our (or my) first shark … some fishermen down on the pier had caught a Sand Shark. They say it tastes good … but we were more interested in the texture and muscular structure … darn divers! It was a great weekend … and just lead me to desire a nice long road trip around the southern states … there is so much history and beauty tied into these areas, one just has to take some time out and soak it all in.
We managed the 6+ hour drive home in time to see the 1-0 Tampa win. Such a disappointing loss in so many ways … but that is how it goes. Game #5 is still up in the air.

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  1. Hi Melissa, Theresa thought you might have new pictures of Logan on your website. We searched high and low and couldn’t find anything. If you have any from your last trip to Calgary could you email them to us please. Pappa hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet, would love to see some more recent pics. Thank you, Deb