Savannah – ho!

So … seems like things have all been confirmed and we are headed to Savannah. I am excited, this will be the biggest Ultimate shindig I have been too yet. The trip will take us through Daytona Beach and Jacksonville so there should be lots of new sites to see. I have been to Daytona before (even took a lap on the track … though it was in a mini-van which made the corners ‘interesting’) but that was some time ago. Unfortunately we won’t have a lot of time to ‘sight-see’, but it should still be fun.
We will be heading out around 5 or 6 this evening … and be getting home sometime Monday afternoon. Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend – and for those up north … enjoy the hockey game Saturday night. We’ll be watching from some pub … somewhere …
[Tampa 4 – Calgary 1: This is turning out to be one of the best cup finals in quite some time. The play is fast, both teams are grinding, there is lots of passion … I am loving every minute of hockey.]

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