What’s wrong with the game?

Melissa’s trip to Butchart Gardens, Victoria
So … after a day at work I joined Melissa, Krishen, Greg, Eric over at Darren’s to watch game 1 … and what a game it was. Calgary managed a 4-1 win, but they dominated once again due to their work ethic. They also turned out to be a little quicker than I originally gave them credit for. Seems like their fans are having a good time 🙂
The same day as this fast paced, hard hitting, exciting game unfolded Hockey Canada announced that it would abolish the red line. This, along with many of the “rule changes”, are poor attempts and “fixing” a game that is not broken. I may be a hockey traditionalist but I played 7 years in minor hockey and I don’t believe any of these changes will improve the game. Watching the games now, the whole offsides have gotten a whole lot more confusing … just return to the the touch-back offside – at least it kept the game moving. Removing the red-line just leaves room for more cherry-picking and a more confusing iceing.
Rule changes should be done to avoid injuries or due to tech improvements in equipment. You want to promote skating in the game … increase to the international sized ice surface, that I would agree with. You want to reduce injuries … call the penalties that are already in the books. Let players fight and get it out of their system … but call the clutch, grabs, hooks, spears, and high sticks. There will always be some pushing and shoving, but call the cheap shots. You want more scoring … make minor adjustments to the goalie equipment OR the size of the net – just be sure not to put the goalies in danger, shots are getting harder these days. AND, quite frankly, I don’t believe scoring is an issue … the game starts getting boring when scoring becomes to easy.
This is an exciting game … please, don’t mess it up!

2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with the game?

  1. Personally I like the smaller rink size, hits are a good thing. Just listen to the crowd after a good check. I’ll agree with calling more of the cheap shots especially anything involved with the stick. I’m not a big fan of the two line pass, I think getting rid of it might help the offense out of a trap, allowing players to post behind a trap and risking a breakaway. If teams are willing to risk a weak defensive stance and post somebody deep the neutral zone, go for it, after getting burned a few time they’ll keep close to home. Removing the two line pass is a radical change though and it’s hard to tell exactly how the game and players would react. I guess one of the only changes I’d make would be to make the goalie fair game for hits if they leave the crease.

  2. ooohhh yeah and goalies the size of luongo 6’3″ 207lbs must play on their knees (you too Auld)