Yesterday I snagged a day off work to help a friend get to the Orlando airport. Once there we figured we should enjoy the evening since its not like we get up there often. So we headed back to SeaWorld … last time we were there we snagged year passes to the park so the 3 hour limitation did not bother us at all.
We found even more areas to see than last time … we sat and watched the dolphins (did you know they have no sense of smell) … and basically spent a wonderful afternoon with the animals. By the time we got home and had dinner it was time for bed … guess not really time, but I found myself waking up at midnight while still on the couch … oops.
Today I tried something new … rollerblading to work. With gas prices the way they are right now I am trying different means of transportation the 2 miles to the office.

3 thoughts on “Orlando

  1. Rollerblading 2 miles to work, huh? How’d that work out? I hope they have showers at the office. Wouldn’t want to get stuck in a meeting with you after that.

  2. Not just any two miles, either. Hot Florida miles! Heh. Nah, Cam seems to have avoided the need for showers today. Never thought I’d say this (given the stellar drivers down here), but with gas increasing the way it is I’m seriously considering bicycling to work.