Open the wallet


Wow … a 2-1 Lightning victory … a game that had us clutching our seats and biting our nails. And in the end, Philly just stood dumb-founded on the ice … in utter disbelief of what had just transpired.
Tampa jumped out by one in the first and increased that lead to two early in the second. But the Flyers were not going to go down that easy, they pushed back to within one … and kept coming. But as the game played on Tampa did not break, they only got stronger. In stead of sitting back they put the pressure on, managing an excellent chance on a turnover deep in the Flyers end in the final minutes. It wasn’t until there was only 30 seconds remaining that Philly managed to pull Esche. And even then the Lightning pinned them in their own end. There was no last ditch push … no final second pressure … and no OT for the Flyers. At least not this year.
Now … we look to a great series between Calgary and Tampa. Two cities divided by both East-West as well as North-South … one with snow still on the ground and the other where sandmen are made at christmas. But it is a series that, if we can manage, Melissa and I will attend. We are looking at game 5 … man … this is going to get nuts.
Must say though, I miss the cup fever of back home. I was happy to see the pubs full of cheering fans and the added coverage on TV. But from what I hear in Calgary, where every 4th car is flying the flags … where there remains no jerseys that can be purchased … where a city virtually shuts down as the team plays, it is a whole ‘nother world.
With Melissa cheering on Calgary … I am left to fence sit. With Calgary being a Vancouver rival one might think that my adopted home team is an easy pick. However, I have a lot of ties to Calgary … both family, friends, and country … and still being new to the area I don’t have any strong ties here. I believe that Tampa will take it … but I would love Calgary to win, I love the underdog … and you just have to love their heart. It is the essence nature of the game.
Where do you stand?

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