Someone has a case of the weekends

Well, ’tis the weekend. Hit a couple more deadlines this week … love meeting those things head on … and received a couple more projects as a reward … ‘oh goody’! Well, guess I won’t be bored.
With the end of the week approaching Ron decided to plan a evening with the Old Salty Dog – relaxation on the water. And what a great idea that was. Dinner was good … beer was tasty … and the view was fantastic. Post dinner we took a stroll down Lido beach under the moon. And followed that with a pleasant dip in our pool. Excellent evening.
Today it was the beach, though we don’t recommend it … no parking! It must have been 30-45 minutes before we found a spot. However, the water is back to approx. 80 degrees fahrenheit and the sun was blasting out a good 90 degrees. Ahh … the weekends 🙂
Tonight we head out to cheer on the Lightning as they battle game 7 and the right to move on to the Stanley Cup finals. We are joining a group of about 10 down at the Ale house … oh … this should be a good time. Well … time to go. Catch ya on the flip side of the moon!

One thought on “Someone has a case of the weekends

  1. Yea Tampa!! So which game is it that you’ll be going to, Game 5?? Cam, the Photos and Movie are awesome, thank you so much. Great memories of a greeaat trip! love to you both 🙂