Oh! To be in CowTown …

Presentation of the Campbell Bowl (Western Conference Trophy)
As Melissa walked in the door after babysitting for the afternoon, I looked up and said “beer?” … she said “game!” … and thus began our trek to the Paddy Wagon.

While we were 10 minutes late into the game we did not miss the first goal. Or the second 🙂 My hand began to hurt (female finger nail imprints) as SJ managed to pull within one … but a failed pass in the final seconds ended the Californian Dream in an ugly fashion. The pass out to the Blue Line from behind the Calgary net hopped a stick and slid all the way down the ice into the empty net.
Final tally: Calgary 3 – San Jose 1
Final cost … an $85 Calgary Jersey to be worn during the next series. Which, if all goes well tonight, could lead to a seats for the Stanley Cup Finals … cross the fingers.

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