So … after work I headed out to Ultimate practice. I think that I am going to have to do something more than just Tues, Thurs, Sun to move to the next “level”. Not quite sure what yet … but something – gym, extra toss practice, more hat tournaments (?) Any ideas from the experts out there …
Called Melissa after to see if she would like to join us at the Ale House, however, I was greeted on the phone with “Good … come home!” So … home I went (one does not argue with the wife about such things). To my surprise Bob was sitting on the couch when I got there. Pleasant surprise to say the least. Apparently he got onto the I-275 during a relaxing drive that evening … missed his exit … and thus had to pay the toll. So, deciding he was already down this way he gave Melissa a call and asked what we were up to. It was a nice visit … don’t get to see many of those from the west coast these days. (Well … except for those who have web sites) However, Melissa did bring back pictures of home … enjoy!

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