She-e-e-e-e’s Baaa-ccck!

Friday night after a long day at work and a mad rush to put the final touches on the house I headed North on the I-275. Towards Tampa and my wife who is now back from a 6 week vacation to the frozen north … and with her last couple weeks in Calgary it was quite literally FROZEN.
Saturday, morning we got up and made breakfast wraps … then realized that 3AM was a little early to actually ‘stay’ up we headed back to bed. By noon were heading towards Busch Gardens for another visit. This time we saw KaTonga, wondered around a bit, and ate lunch watching the “Rhythm of the Night” dancers. While we were only there 3 hours … we had a wonderfully relaxing time. On the way home we stopped at the outlet mall and snagged a couple more things for our place and new sunglasses for me … the same model as I had before. After trying on dozens and shortlisting two, the end result was that, based on impartial sources, my original model suited me best (think they will be better for sports anyway). I am happy … since I really liked the last pair.
We spent the evening camping in the living room and watching movies … then in the morning we put in Lion King 1 1/2 … a humorous sideways look at the first movie. After lunch it was up to Ultimate for an afternoon of playing in the rain … I love the rain in Florida. It was then back home to have a fantastic dinner and Pirates of the Caribbean.
It is great having Melissa back home … life can now return to it normal.

One thought on “She-e-e-e-e’s Baaa-ccck!

  1. Welcome back, Melissa!! Glad to hear you made it safely. And I think we’re done dumping work on Cameron until your next extended vacation. šŸ™‚