I finally broke

I finally broke down and purchased a CD from the iTunes music store. I have been sucking down the free music they have offered over the last couple weeks and I got suckered into their trap. There are likely a lot of singles that I would like to pick up, but Diana Krall’s new CD was something I was looking at getting – it was just a matter of time. So, at $9.99, I figured what better time than now.
Make sure you check out her alumn: “The Girl in the Other Room”
If you have not grabbed iTunes – it’s FREE and available for both Windows and Macintosh. Even without the music store it is one of the better mp3/CD players on either platform.
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One thought on “I finally broke

  1. Incidentally I’ve heard a few of the songs from this album in Cam’s car, and I while I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m now a jazz fan, I’m seriously considering picking something of Diana Krall’s up. Great singer/performer.