Battle Scars

Blood, sweat, and tears …
Saturday had me in St. Pete for the eleventh annual “All Faiths” hat tournament. This was my second tournament with the Ultimate gang and once again it was a blast. This time our ‘navy’ team, we were so creative we did not even give ourselves a name, went 3-3 over the day. Loosing our first game we came back to take the next two. Our forth game was quite sad and in an attempt to bring up the intensity level again I took to the field with tons of determination … and came off the field with cuts, scraps, and no discs. Disappointing yes, but hey … it was fun 🙂 We managed to take the next game giving us the chance at the final, but we could not pull off the last game against “green”. By that time my muscles hurt, which they continue to do this monday morning, so I enjoyed being able to sit and listen to the Lightning-Flyers game on the radio.

We stuck around for some late night fun!
The finals were fun to watch, but that could have been because of the BBQ and beer that was being dished out! We headed over to one of the locals residences for an after-game party. We basically just hung out and played some games … one had you acting out something silly, note to self “don’t go into acting”, while another had you try and guess a note posted to your forehead amidst getting ‘subtle’ hints from the group. All in all it was a great night, can’t wait until next year.

“Look as though you can’t stand me” – Good thing I have a healthy ego eh!

2 thoughts on “Battle Scars

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Might want to post a translation of what’s on your head. I can barely make out what it says. And my eyes are still in decent shape.

  2. John — “Look at me as though you can’t stand me”. Funny thing, Cam figured it out pretty quickly 🙂