Because so many people were requesting them (ha!), I thought I would post the pictures from Sunday night. Yes, being that it IS thursday they are kinda late … though still earlier than our vacation pictures which seem to be taking the better part of this decade to get onto the site.
Anyway … go check them out.
This week has been crazy, last night was my second night where I was still here at 1AM. See Melissa, aren’t you happy your not here? It is release time again, and deadlines don’t move as easy as the hours … so, we continue to work. Unfortunately, that has caused me to miss the iTunes promotion … or almost all of it (tomorrow is the last day). So I guess on the way out to the Ultimate field this evening I will have to stop and find those “yellow caps”. So, even if I don’t win via caps, I am downloading the free songs offered with their latest version (Finally I setup an account … now … do I spend money?)
Krishen, however, managed to find a few … congrats Zameer
Who is using iTunes? How many songs have you purchased?

3 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. Well, I’ve purchased two songs for use in the last play I helped with. And I’ve purchased one album, Man of La Mancha. My music buying habits have slackened greatly since I was in college. I hardly buy CDs anymore.

  2. 53 songs…consisting of:
    1 complete album (Green Day International Superstars),
    3 free songs from pepsi,
    2 free songs from iTunes,

  3. Considering that over my lifetime I’ve probably bought less than 10 cds, it’s pretty impressive that I’ve managed to purchase 152 songs + the two free ones. 50 cents a day isn’t bad to force me to find new music I like :). The iMix stuff is sweet for finding new stuff… the “people who bought this also bought this” could be misleading since tastes can be pretty diverse, whereas the mixes tend to be more uniform. I’d classify myself as mostly an album buyer, partially because I like hearing albums all the way through, and partially because without already knowing the album it’s hard to tell what I’ll end up really liking on it.