Out on the Town

Well, it was another long day at work. Seemed so unproductive this past week, not like I did not get anything done but I just don’t have the “yes … completed!” feeling. Could be that a couple of the days were broken up by admin work and all we have been doing is hunting down issues prior to our next release. But with a deadline of next Wednesday … this week DOES have to be productive – likely a couple late nights coming.
So, figured that I would top off this unproductive week with a night out. Darren, Krishen, Greg and I met up with the girls from the paper for a evening at the “Silver Cricket”. Nice little prep bar right down town. Think that will be a nice spot for one of my Wednesday night ‘date nights’ when Melissa gets home. Nice spot to just sit and have a drink.
Of course, I should note that the night started off well with a 4-0 Lightning win over Montreal.

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