We’ve been down before …

Well, while our Ultimate team pulled off another win last night … it was not to be for the Canucks. While they played as the better team for most of the game they had trouble finding the mesh and as a result are now down 3-2 in the series.
Gladly, we discovered that the Ale House had satellite TV with CBC and managed to collect about 8 teammates to join us for the first two periods (post our game). However, only the true hockey nuts (and those that were car pooling with me) stayed to the dying seconds. That put us will past 1AM getting home … got to love these pacific coast games … and to think I always complained about east coast games being too early .. HA!
Tonight it is the Leafs … so that should be done early enough to go out after. Yippy.

One thought on “We’ve been down before …

  1. Canuck fans everywhere have to take a good look at themselves tonight!
    – As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing”-
    Love always,