1AM phone call

Another Siesta sunset, you ready to come home yet Melissa?
(Picture was taken during Melissa’s mothers visit late last month)

So, someone had the nerve to call me at 1AM last night … can you believe that. And not only did they call and leave a message (cause I was too busy listening to the hockey game) … but they called and mocked the fact that Calgary beat Vancouver 4-0 in game 4. How extremely rude!
So, the series is tied 2-2 and it heads back to the coast for game 5 – down to a best of 3 series now!
Otherwise, the night went not to bad. Ultimate practice in the wind turned out to be a challenging experience. Throwing disc into gusts of wind causes a ordinary pass to be …. ahh … just plain horrible. But it was all good since Krishen brought a cooler full of beer … everything is made better with beer 🙂
And since I had my taxes done I got to go to Applebees and watch the first two periods over a plate of nachos. Though they did not taste as good with Montreal giving up such a poor goal in 2nd OT … and then the three goal advantage Calgary took on Van in the 2nd period.
Thursday … just wait ’til Thursday!

One thought on “1AM phone call

  1. With the amount that you rub it in that my team sucks.(I know they do) I thought it important to let you know that your team is most decidedly worse then mine.
    -I should say that the frist three gols were short handed.- 🙂