Easter Sunday

With no-one pushing me out of bed I am tending to sleep in a little longer on my days off. It is nice … so nice 😉
But I was able to get up in time to do some work on the computer, laundry, got taxes in the mail, and made some more address change phone calls. Then it was off to GT Bray for our weekly Ultimate pick-up game. While this week was only a 5-on-5 game it was still a blast. After a long game in muggy weather it was over to Jeffs for another BBQ and movie night. Yummy!
But after watching S.W.A.T. and the start of Rundown I had to leave … and why? because game 3 was on ESPN 2.
I met Darren at his place to watch the Canucks put out the Flames on his oversized TV. Loosing Cloutier in the first was hard to watch but Hedberg seems to have stepped up the challenge. This series is getting nastier by the game, but man are they fun to watch. Big hits, great goals, and lots of tense action.
Tonight … it is likely going to be a Leafs-Senators game at the Paddy Wagon.
We had a nice thunder storm this morning. I had left the windows open (avoiding the A/C) and was awoken at 5AM with doors slamming in the house. A quick clean up of the rain which was blown in the window and a double check of the porch left me mildly awake. So I turned on the TV to find that winds had peaked at 66-67 mph at the airport and we were being dosed with 1.5 inches of rain per hour. I laid down on the couch to enjoy the power of nature and was quickly joined by Patches … who I think was really missing Mom. One has to wonder what the storm season has in store this year. (They are expecting another phase of this storm front to hit the coast this evening)
On a side note: our TV looks to be on its way out after about 4-5 years and 4 moves. It is slow to display and gives us a blue horizontal bar as it turns on or off. Guess we should start saving the pennies.

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