Sat night BBQ

Well, with the wife out of town I got to hang with the guys (Eric G., Darren, and Krishen). After watching the Lightning play the Islanders in game 2 (series is now tied at 1-1) we headed up to St. Pete. It was John and Ivee’s annual Easter Party. I was new to the group but was accepted right away. Some of those there were at our Mantee P&R sponsored hat tournament (an ultimate tourneyment where the teams are picked from the group that shows), but most come from the St. Pete league that I did not join.
It was all good fun; some BBQ chicken, some Brauts, and a Keg of Guiness that was gone before 10. Krishen grabbed some pictures before his battery ran low. I must thank John and Ivee for putting on a great show – I look forward to next year. In the mean time, I will see everyone again at All Faiths in May.

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