I’m Back …

… but Melissa is gone.
I apologize for the web-site issues over the last couple days. My ISP, Canada Web Hosting, moved their Unix servers to a new system. However, in doing this the DB has been moved to a different server than the web site – which caused DB disconnect issues. Passwords changed so I had issues logging in. AND, I ended up loosing a couple of the last few entries … but such is life.
To catch you up … we have moved into our new place. A 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1000 sqft pad that now leaves a lot of empty holes in our furniture accessories. We have picked up a new coffee table set and dining room table (which we are still waiting on delivery as it doesn’t fit in my car). I will have pictures up tomorrow (I know … you don’t believe me. But the vacation pictures are coming soon … still have CDs to burn first).
There are issues though. Seems that the last tenant had a male cat who sprayed the entire place and the carpet did not get replaced. We are in “talks” with management as to the next step – cause it is bad (worse in the living room/dining room). Other than that … the place is comfortable, large, cool (now that it is out of the direct sun), and private as we now face the woods rather than a suburb.
So … with 90% of the place together Melissa has headed back to Victoria to help a friend with a wedding so will be gone for the next 6 weeks (or so). She also took the camera so we will have to relay once more on my visualization through text. (I am sure you understand the reason I did not do well in english classes) I hope she has fun back with friends and family … I am going to get a chance to work more (hay!). But, since I lost my sunglasses last night – maybe I can save the coin for a new pair — KD becomes a friend while the wife is out!
Oh, one more thing … we OWN our car. 4 years I have been paying that girl, and now I have no more payments. We are done! Now, if only I can find a decent pair of sunglasses I can enjoy this upcoming summer.
Did I mention the Canucks won the Northwest Division using a 6 game winning streak to pull the title away from Colorado at the end of the season (sweet revenge after last year). Now … we look to the playoffs … I can taste the Labatts already!

4 thoughts on “I’m Back …

  1. congrats on finishnig your car payments! that must be a nice load off your back.
    and what’s this about working more? šŸ˜‰

  2. What are you doing to that poor lady that makes her keep running off for months at a time. Seems like every time I turn around, she’s gone again.