When mom comes to visit …

A Sunday evening walk down the beach to clear the mind and soul
On the heals of one vacation we get another … Melissa’s mother came into town on Saturday to enjoy a little of this Florida goodness. So that night we took her down to GT Bray to see Shrek (an outdoor presentation put on by the Sarasota Film Festival association).

Then on Sunday morning we joined up with Amy for a tour of the Mote Marine Laboratory. I love this place, while they have some exhibits for the public their main focus is on the marine life. They are first and foremost a rescue and research facility and that is very easy to see from their facility. If I have the time I am going to try and take part in the “turtle run” this year, basically it is designed to help the hatchlings make it to the ocean. The young turtles use the moonlight shining off the waves to guide them into the ocean, however, the near by roads and shops cause confusion. So each year volunteers assist in guiding the little ones in the right direction … sounds like fun to me.

After Mote, then it was off to the beach … as what trip to Florida would be complete without a day at the beach and a sunset ?? Little dip in the gulf, some people watching, and a long walk along the sand really helps take your mind off the stresses of everyday life. We saw some interesting sand sculptures and saw a wonderful sunset.
Then, as is becoming a habit, it was off to RJ Gators for dinner. Do you think it is a bad thing when the waiter says “oh, you guys again!” just as we take our table?

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