Y’all come back now, ya hear!

Their bags are packed and their ready to go … leavvvvin’, on a jet plane …
It was an early rise this morning as the Saunders had to catch their plane heading back to the coast … the west coast. While I think they are happy to be heading home … friends and family are waiting … I do believe they had a good time, I know I did 😉 [Don’t worry … we will keep the sun shining for your return visit … anytime!]
So now that everyone is gone the house is once again empty and quickly being cleaned for Mom (Melissa’s mother) who is due in at noon tomorrow (Saturday). The rental car is back at the shop and Melissa managed to sleep most of the day. So as a treat I took her out to the Sarasota County Fair … after the last couple weeks the rides seemed kinda dull and WAY over priced so we just wondered around and enjoyed the sites and sounds of the action.
The one thing that disturbed us was the tigers and elephants that they had. After seeing the animals at both Busch Gardens and Animal Kingdom and the amount of room they have; and then seeing four tigers in a small circular cage and three elephants with no room to rome just made our stomachs turn. I can only hope that they are being properly cared for while they are not “on stage”. All in all though we had a good relaxing evening. So much so we managed to snap a couple pictures:

Ahh … the lights of a fair!

Now the kids can finally go down with the ship

And their off .. coming down the stretch … Daniel Hogsmen managed to take the checked flag

One thought on “Y’all come back now, ya hear!

  1. Hi Y’all, Thank you again for such an awesome holiday in Florida! After a very long travelling day, we are now somewhat rested (up at 5:00AM Florida time – home @ 2:45AM Florida time). Florida highways are alot more efficient then around Seattle, what a nightmare! Next time we come we’ll do alot less Disney & alot more relaxing! Everyday was certainly an adventure that we’ll not soon forget.
    Wish Bev a Happy Birthday from us! Happy Moving too! See you soon, Melissa!
    Love from Sid, Lynne, Jeff & Alicia